Sunday, February 27, 2011

New Optional Car Hire Excess Insurance Option

Because we pride ourselves on offering a more comprehensive and efficient service than any other car hire company, you can now take out a new insurance option with us.
Most companies require you to pay large excess fees, sometimes as much as £500 if something goes wrong with your vehicle and you need to make a claim.
The excess amount depends on what type of insurance you have, such as third party fire and theft or a comprehensive insurance policy. It is also affected by who is driving (i.e how long have they been driving and whether they have ever had to make a claim before) and what type of car is being driven.

Young drivers often have to pay a compulsory excess amount which is quite large because of their inexperience. If the excess is £500 then you would have to pay the first £500 of any claim you make.
However, we don’t want our customers to get burdened with huge bills, especially if they have just taken to the roads, and so our new insurance option allows you to avoid ever having to pay an excess charge.

This saves our customers from getting more than they bargained for and gives them complete peace of mind. It is especially good for new drivers who have just passed their driving tests and anyone who doesn’t feel one hundred per cent confident behind the wheel. So why not take a weight off your mind and sign up today?
For only a small fee up front you can the purchase Optional Excess Insurance. This comes up as an optional extra when you book online with us.

Our unique insurance option is a testament to our preoccupation with customer service and it allows the customer to have as much choice as possible. It is also part of our commitment to the safety and wellbeing of all our clients while trying to save them as much money as possible.
Before booking your Optional Excess Insurance you should check the terms and conditions of your insurance thoroughly. Some insurance policies become invalid in the case of negligence on the part of the driver such as criminal offences for drink driving and the like. Any major endorsements like offence codes DR10 to DR30 which stay on a driving licence for 11 years may prevent you from being able to hire a car.

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