Tuesday, February 1, 2011

about my new yamaha bike

Last month finally got a brand my new yamaha bike.i wited two years for this glamorous bike and finally i got it and I really felt its worth the wait.

As most of you know yamaha has stopped production and sales for the c350 engine bikes. firstly my dad gave me permission to buy another bike.but i didnt agree. i cried for a car.but he said.he cant afford a car's price.then i said i will afford it.he asked me how i you could.i shows my secret power to him and he got mad about this.but what ii can do.i am really a bad boy.i showed him my next magic.but this time he got good mind and took a chair. i feel he is going to outside and sit there for a while to think about my new bike.but suddenly the chair come to my head.i really shocked.father thought i will cry to stop beating.but i never cried. i just run to took a table.this time he failes.because my table is bigger than his chair.now he understand what going to happen nexe.he sit on the chair which he used to beat me.
next day ,In the beginning when my dad gave me a shoe, asked him where is it's pair.he ceried and said.i dont have anymore money buy it's pair.i didnt replied for that.i didnt asked any questions to him.but after some time, my neighbour viswam come my near and said "james, see this......my one shoe got thieved.and he crying for losing his shoe.but i feel pitty about him..but how i could give me that shoe it is my dad's gift.i dont want give it to anyone.so to make him happy,next day i thieved his 2nd shoe.next dauy orning he come my near and said......"see this my 2nd shoe also lost".i said "ok friend,it is time to chill .dont worry buy another shoe.
but suddenly he saw that shoe on near my house.he asked me "is this my shoes?" . i said "no, it is mine".he said "ok friend.iam going.my shoe lost .you got new one.anyway  iam happy.
oh.god i just got another life 

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