Sunday, February 27, 2011

New Optional Car Hire Excess Insurance Option

Because we pride ourselves on offering a more comprehensive and efficient service than any other car hire company, you can now take out a new insurance option with us.
Most companies require you to pay large excess fees, sometimes as much as £500 if something goes wrong with your vehicle and you need to make a claim.
The excess amount depends on what type of insurance you have, such as third party fire and theft or a comprehensive insurance policy. It is also affected by who is driving (i.e how long have they been driving and whether they have ever had to make a claim before) and what type of car is being driven.

Young drivers often have to pay a compulsory excess amount which is quite large because of their inexperience. If the excess is £500 then you would have to pay the first £500 of any claim you make.
However, we don’t want our customers to get burdened with huge bills, especially if they have just taken to the roads, and so our new insurance option allows you to avoid ever having to pay an excess charge.

This saves our customers from getting more than they bargained for and gives them complete peace of mind. It is especially good for new drivers who have just passed their driving tests and anyone who doesn’t feel one hundred per cent confident behind the wheel. So why not take a weight off your mind and sign up today?
For only a small fee up front you can the purchase Optional Excess Insurance. This comes up as an optional extra when you book online with us.

Our unique insurance option is a testament to our preoccupation with customer service and it allows the customer to have as much choice as possible. It is also part of our commitment to the safety and wellbeing of all our clients while trying to save them as much money as possible.
Before booking your Optional Excess Insurance you should check the terms and conditions of your insurance thoroughly. Some insurance policies become invalid in the case of negligence on the part of the driver such as criminal offences for drink driving and the like. Any major endorsements like offence codes DR10 to DR30 which stay on a driving licence for 11 years may prevent you from being able to hire a car.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Designing a car

The design of a new motor car is the result of team - work. Engineers and Artists both work together. Broadly speaking, the engineers design the engine, the drive from the engine to the wheels (the transmission) and the hidden structures which support these items. The artists or stylists as they are known in the motor industry, decide the overall shape and interior layout in addition to colour schemes and chrome decorations.

The decision to start work on a new model is made by the Directors, who also decide certain overall details which are published in a secret document called a specification. This states the car's size, speed and performance, the type and the location of the engine and other basic details. The specification is passed on to the engineers and stylists who work in a well-guarded office where security is as strict as in a military camp.

The engineers investigate all the possible alternatives for engine, gear-box and transmission. They also consider whether anything from a previous model can be used. They also consider whether anything from a previous model can be used. The stylists keep busy themselves in sketching shapes to fit around the mechanical parts.

After a few months work, scale models change shape shape frequently the drawings. At this stage, the models change shape frequently perhaps to suit a stylist's idea of future fashion trends, perhaps for a technical reason, or perhaps simply to satisfy the whim of a director. These scale models are often tested in a wind-tunnel to check the flow of the air over the body - just as an aeroplane is tested before it flies. Wind-tunnel tests may reveal the fact that wind resistance or drag is too high, or they may show that the air flow lifts the front of the car. This is the time to find and eliminate error before any parts have been made.

When everyone is satisfied with the scale model several life size copies, called 'Bucks', are built. One of these is made in clay, on wooden framework, to check the outside shape. This clay buck is accurate to a hundred of an inch and almost indistinguishable from the real body. Another buck is used to design the interior, particularly the sating arrangement.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How to save Fuels - Tips



Tire Pressure
How prolonged has it been given you’ve checked your vehicle’s tire pressure? If your tires have been subsequent a endorsed level, we could be costing yourself income any time we fill up your tank. On average, a tire will remove around 1 bruise per block in. (psi) any month. Less vigour in your tires equates to some-more friction/rolling insurgency upon a road, which creates your engine work harder to keep we moving. At a minimum, be certain to check your vehicle’s tire vigour monthly.
Fuel Cap
If your fuel top is damaged, or will not secure tightly, get a deputy or have it bound as shortly as possible. Fuel caps which have been repairs or do not scrupulously sign outcome in a detriment of millions of gallons of fuel any year from evaporation.
Slow Down
Your vehicle’s fuel manage to buy decreases exponentially during aloft speeds. Driving 65 upon a main road instead of 75 could revoke your fuel expenditure by as most as 10%! Your outing will not take most longer, as well as you’ll be saving income a total way.
Air Conditioning
Air conditioning puts an increasing bucket upon your engine, which formula in larger fuel usage. On a same token, pushing with your windows down during main road speeds increases draw towards as well as reduces fuel economy. For city pushing during speeds of 45mph or lower, however, rolling down your windows in lieu of air conditioning will save we a small additional upon gas.
Clean out a Clutter
Amongst all a chores, vacations, sports events as well as shuttling, it’s utterly easy to finish up with 50 to 100 pounds of extras in your case or storage cell space. The some-more weight your car is carrying, a harder a engine has to work when accelerating. Make certain to purify out your case as well as load space continually to keep which additional things from weighing we down.
Air Filter
Like all of us, your engine has to breathe, as well as a unwashed or clogged air filter can adversely start opening as well as economy. Replacing an old, unwashed air filter with a latest a single can urge your vehicle’s gas mileage by 5-10%. The subsequent time we take your car in for ubiquitous servicing, ask a technician if a air filter should be replaced.

How to drive a car......

How to drive a car? very simple.There are many different types of vehicle you can learn how to drive but there are specifiic steps to take when driving normal s advised to take lessons,teaching yourself can end up in a disaster.DON T FORGE THIS RULES.Also never crash if you can avoid.

about my new yamaha bike

Last month finally got a brand my new yamaha bike.i wited two years for this glamorous bike and finally i got it and I really felt its worth the wait.

As most of you know yamaha has stopped production and sales for the c350 engine bikes. firstly my dad gave me permission to buy another bike.but i didnt agree. i cried for a car.but he said.he cant afford a car's price.then i said i will afford it.he asked me how i you could.i shows my secret power to him and he got mad about this.but what ii can do.i am really a bad boy.i showed him my next magic.but this time he got good mind and took a chair. i feel he is going to outside and sit there for a while to think about my new bike.but suddenly the chair come to my head.i really shocked.father thought i will cry to stop beating.but i never cried. i just run to took a table.this time he failes.because my table is bigger than his he understand what going to happen nexe.he sit on the chair which he used to beat me.
next day ,In the beginning when my dad gave me a shoe, asked him where is it's pair.he ceried and said.i dont have anymore money buy it's pair.i didnt replied for that.i didnt asked any questions to him.but after some time, my neighbour viswam come my near and said "james, see one shoe got thieved.and he crying for losing his shoe.but i feel pitty about him..but how i could give me that shoe it is my dad's gift.i dont want give it to to make him happy,next day i thieved his 2nd dauy orning he come my near and said......"see this my 2nd shoe also lost".i said "ok friend,it is time to chill .dont worry buy another shoe.
but suddenly he saw that shoe on near my house.he asked me "is this my shoes?" . i said "no, it is mine".he said "ok friend.iam shoe lost .you got new one.anyway  iam happy.
oh.god i just got another life