Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Car Insurance buying

Last year when I moved and shopping for car insurance in Texas, insurance  salesman suggested that they had to charge me higher car insurance rate due to an accident I had two  years ago. He suggested that my auto insurance cost would be lowered after three years have passed from the date of the accident. This year when I received bill for my car insurance policy and saw no change in my car insurance rate, I called the agent. After checking few things he lowered my car insurance rate. From this occurrence,  I have learned that insurance company may not be involuntarily offer you the discount you are elligible to get for your auto insurance policy. Many of us only evaluate and change our insurance policies when we buy a new car or move to a new location. But there are few other situations when you ought to take a look at your car insurance policies.

Three or more years have passed since you had any accident or citation: This is the most important situation when you should compare insurance rates. You should be able to reduce your car insurance rate significantly. After I called my agent my car insurance cost was reduced by 30%,  but the amount of rate cut will vary for each person.
You or a family member purchased a new car or a home: Most insurance providers offer reduced car insurance rate for insuring multiple policies from them. majority of the time it is a good idea to acquire the car insurance policy from the same insurance company. There may be situation when it is a good idea to get them from different providers.

You have switched job or career: Many insurance companies offer reduced car insurance premiums for certain professional group so you should find out if such discount is offered for your new profession. Moreover, with the new employment your driving habit may change. For example, you may be driving fewer miles than you were with your former career. In many cases this will lessen your car insurance rate.

There is a change in your family situation: This may be a situation such as you got married or your spouse stopped working. When you get married consider combining your spouse's auto insurance policy with yours, because majority of the insurance companies offer multicar discount.  Another circumstance:  You or your spouse is no longer working and the second automobile is now only driven occasionally. In this case the second vehicle can be treated as entertainment car and several car insurance companies will lessen your car insurance cost because of this switch.

Your credit score has improved: You have reasons to believe that your credit score has notably improved. You ought to obtain a new quote to see if you are able to reduce your car insurance rate with the latest credit score.

Car insurance is a essentials expenditure and there is no way to avoid it but there is absolutely ways to lower your car insurance charge. It is always a good idea to make sure that your car insurance charge is an correct one for your current circumstances. When the opportunity arises to assess your automobile insurance policy, take it. Inquire about any discount, take few quotes and you may be pleasurably surprised at what you discover.

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