Monday, April 11, 2011

The color of your car is your personality/Choose Speakers for Car Audio

Color you are your personality: 1. Silver: You are an elegant person and like futuristic appearance. Also among colleagues, you will usually be the most calm person. 2. White: In addition to comfortable with the look that looks clean, who likes the color is usually not one to fuss. He will easily accept the existing input and through it without too much consideration. 3. Red: When in the user's personality, one who meyukai red color is the dominant type, in car paint color selection is also not much different. Your use red to vehicles is someone who likes speed and have an overwhelming energy. 4. Blue: Like the sky, blue user has a personality that is calm and quiet tersa. Blue is also the color of good fortune as loyal to the couple. 5. Black: In between all the colors, these colors have the most positive nature. Strong is not easily manipulated, elegant and appreciate all things traditional. 6. Green: Different again by voters as the color green color vehicle. You could say the same color as this leaves an impression as the holder of the conventional stuff. 7. Yellow: It is rare that use this color, you must know if someone users color of this vehicle is a fun kind of person. 8. Orange: Orange Brazilians is really nice and likes to open a conversation. Easy to talk to and fun. 9. Purple: The color of the rainbow is the last in the order has the nature of the youngest child. He will always try to be creative in face of obstacles that exist. Among the color of color on where the color is right for your personality? Surely that matches the color you like! The color that you like it that reflects your personality in color. For that find out first about the color and again consider in choosing a color for your vehicle. Because the color you are yourselves! And many thanks.
Choose speakers for car audio
Select speakers split 2 way or 3 way? Tired or not satisfied with the sound quality from the original car audio systems dimobil mania? Already have the intention to up-grade audio system with speakers to replace the OEM to aftermarket speaker system .. but still confused select the appropriate system? For that make you who are still confused we will share information about car audio speaker systems in order to facilitate you to choose which system is right, 2 way or 3 way? According to Thomas of Level Audioworkshop, two systems clearly have a clear distinction seen by naked eye, for 1 set of 2 way systems generally consist of 2 tweeter, 2 midbass and 2 crossover passive, while 1 set 3 way system comes back with 2 midrange, but the number remains the same tweeter and midbass with 2 way. A. Speaker System 2 Way 2 way powered speaker system tweeter and midbass drivers. Generally tweeter positioned on the dashboard on the A pillar, while the midbass doortrim or placed under the door panel because the size is quite large. Excess - Placement of tweeters on the A pillar does not take place on the dashboard and is relatively unobtrusive views. - The system is most commonly used, because the system is the simplest. 2 way speakers prices generally cheaper than a 3 way system and a lot of choices, and even then also depends on the brand and type. - Amplifier is used also will work with a lighter so it does not require more than one number. Deficiency - Vowel sound or high frequency sounds less heavy, because the midbass that is located below the maximum not to fill some of the missing high frequency value. Requires midbass-holder in the dicustom doortrim for position / anglenya over and over. It is intended that the frequency of the midbass to meet with the frequency of the tweeter. Placement midbass with upward angle is made to get a clear sound quality or good imaging. Even so it does not mean the holder midbass for 2 way system should be in custom anglenya, but if not the sound waves will be felt less unified. B. 3 Way Speaker System 3 way speaker system and equipment consist of the tweeter and midbass drivers, but its application is added again to the driver named midrange that allows you to create a character of high frequency or vowel sounds more focused and bold, this is because the midrange is able to fill the missing high-frequency tweeter due to the limited ability and midbass. Excess -Speaker of this type can produce quality sound with better imaging of 2 way though the system uses only the holder midbass with the original angle, with this easy to remodel back into a standard audio system again. - Midbass Drivers can be more focused and solid - Vowel sound or high frequency sounds more heavy due to the tweeter and midrange are mounted above the dashboard on the pillar A. Deficiency 3 way speaker system-tend slightly to disturb the front of the driver's view, because in most cases in Indonesia, the placement of the tweeter and midrange drivers must always be above the dashboard on the A pillar, as it aims to remove high frequency or vowel that is thicker to the listener position - The series of 3 way system more complicated and require a longer construction process. - Price 3 way speaker system is generally more expensive than the 2 way systems. In the process of application, the front speakers 2 way system or 3 way also must consider several factors of the type of car or cabin acoustic conditions to minimize the disadvantages for each. Here are some tips for any car can be loaded with the installation 3 way or 2 way with the sound quality and comfort of a fixed maximum: - If the car has a spacious cabin and dashboard of a wide and deep, such as variants of MPV or SUV can still be in the front speakers jejali with type 2 way or 3 way, but still only placementnya must be considered. - Create a small car city car type, you should use a type 2 way, it is meant for a narrow dashboard inedible, so the driver's view will not be disrupted by the placement of speakers in the pillars A. If you still want packed 3 way system, you should select the tweeter and midrange drivers are the smallest size. - Use head unit that has a full-featured with 3 RCA outputs are necessary before stuffing system 2 way or 3 way, because in most cases the OEM head unit has no RCA. - If you have installed the midbass on doortrim, the door panels need to add a silencer that can suppress the vibrations resulting from vibration midbass. -Whatever the car and the front speakers are packed in it still will not maximally produce sound if not supported placement of the speakers themselves and certainly other supporting devices such as a subwoofer and amplifier. System 2 way or 3 way, each has advantages and disadvantages. If viewed in terms of sound quality, although the 3 way system came out ahead, as perfect in sound frequency division. But all the back to the quality of the speakers, placement and tuning the car audio system, so the 2 way system would also be excellent quality reproduction of sound.

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