Saturday, May 22, 2010

Car Leasing is Better Than Purchasing

In this fast paced life commutation has become such an important part of our lives that it is extremely difficult to do without it. Most of the people sit for months and years to sit and save up on buying a brand new car or a used car. Owning a car could be a big headache these days with the rising costs of maintenance and also the spare parts are very expensive. The best way is to lease a car for brief periods of time and pay for the maintenance at the end of the contract. Also, leasing a brand new car would always reduce the chances of wear and tear.
Car leasing is much more advantageous compared with purchasing a new one or even a used one because the customer will be paying the depreciation value of the car and not the actual price. Above all, when one purchases a brand new car, he/she has to take care of all the maintenance costs, changing tires, repairing torn seats etc which all take a toll on the monthly expenses. But car leasing relieves the person from this burden as usually the contract is only for a couple of years and the car leasing company takes care of all the maintenance except for any damages incurred during the leasing tenure, the customer would be held responsible.
Also if you are running a business, you can use car leasing option to reduce tax deductions. At the same time, if a company takes a car on lease, it is used only part-time which reduces the wear and tear and chances of spending on maintenance is less all the more.
By Kelly M Jones

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